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EOLB Exoplanets & the Ocean of Life Blog

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EOLB is Prof. Francois Zille’s Brand new academical-professional-artistic project focused on his insight

“from a greater conscience of space, to a greater space of conscience”

The project has been introduced in 2012 in Prof. Gino Ciccognani’s “Laboratorio Miniera”

at the Politecnico of Milan.

We are selecting amongst the most prestigious universities around the world

researchers & students who want to join this ambitious systemic research project

involving Fine Arts, Design, Architecture, Engineering, Science & lots more…

If you want to apply please send an email to f.zille@tin.it

The Researcher & Aerospace Engineer Claudio Paris

is the scientific director of this blog,

which is directly run by Prof. Francois Zille.

Claudio Paris’ Biography Summary


Aerospace Engineer, graduated at Sapienza University of Rome.

Research fellow at Sapienza University of Rome – School of Aerospace Engineering.

Collaborated at CMS Experiment in the Large Hadrons Collider, at CERN.

Member of the Team LARES (LAser RElativity Satellite) of Sapienza University, that developed the LARES Satellite (launched in 2012).

Coordinates the activities of LARES-Lab, a facility to test small satellites and components in simulated space environment, at DIAEE-Sapienza University.

Works also on new application of optical fiber sensors in various fields (aerospace, marine, sail boats, railroads, automotive, civil engineering).

Personal interests include botanic, history of science and technology, amateur astronomy, sport boomerang (building and tournaments) and outdoor activities in general.

  • A “Spatial” Opening

    In my vision, the most harmonious and effective way to celebrate the opening of this blog is to start with a debate focused on the branding title of our research project “from a greater conscience of space, to a greater space of conscience”. Welcome on board…