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Alessandro Guardigli’s Biography

alessandro-guardigli-2ALESSANDRO GUARDIGLI

CEO Media Ship


Media Ship is a leading International brokerage company that since 1989 has mediated sales of more than 2,000 yachts, both sailing yachts and motorboats, with over 1,000 annual purchase offers and over 10,000 boat charters.

Since 1998 Media Ship has established a strong and lasting bond with the Comar Yachts Shipyard, looking after the Comet selling and optimizing customized boats.



Over the course of 25 years, Media Ship managed to gain long standing experience providing a focused support for the clients in all the sale/aftersales and charter phases , understanding customer needs in order to optimize time and energy.

These 25 years of activity led Media Ship to create partnerships with exclusive customer care services companies involved the boat business focused on customers satisfaction. It offers financinal, technical, logistic and administrative assistance in all the field involved: insurance, transfers, moorings, crew research, coaching and organization of regattas and events.The main goal is ensuring a high quality of interactions with their customers.